What is the Fastest Flowering Cannabis Seeds?

Marijuana Cannabis Hash Leaf Flora
Marijuana Cannabis Hash Leaf Flora

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Among the most critical factors that determine successful cannabis grow include the quality of seeds. Mostly, the right seeds are more natural to grow and produce good yields.

Well, it is not all marijuana strains that prove easy for home grow, and choosing between them is not always a walk in the park. Some experience, research, and trial and error are necessary and can make all the difference.

Of course, moving from a consumer to a hobby grower is not automatic. It may take some time and research, before you find the right seeds. The following is a summary of some of the most popular, and fastest strains for home grow.

Feminized Fast Growing Seeds

Up to 99.9% of feminized cannabis seeds will produce female plants. Don’t waste your time trying to get flower buds from the male plants. All they do is pollinate the females to produce seeds as opposed to the flower buds, and that is not the primary goal for home growers.

The fastest flowering cannabis seeds are a blend of auto-flowering and feminized strains. They have a genetic coding to produce flowers within the shortest time possible with minimal care.

Some of the conventional feminized cannabis seeds include

1.   Royal Cheese

The Cannabis Cup winner has a British origin, with roots from a top-rated skunk. It is a hybrid of Afghani and old-school skunk and has a THC content of around 17%. The CBD is medium.

Under ideal indoor conditions, the strain can attain heights of up to 150 centimetres. Well, Royal cheese is highly odoriferous, and you will need a good quality carbon filter for a stealth home grow.

The yield volume Is 550 grams per square metre, harvested after 6 to 8 weeks. But what keeps people coming back is the strength of the strain and intense aromatic smoke that the cured buds produce.

2.   Candy Kush Express

Candy Kush Express is a favourite for cannabis connoisseurs that are after cannabis seeds with incredible taste and consistent speed of growth. The sugary sweet citrus strain has a balance of almost 60% indica and 40% Sativa genetics.

The overall effect is alertness of mind and tension relief on the entire body. It only takes between 7 and 9 weeks for candy Kush Express to flower.

With good quality lights, the cannabis strain can attain yields of up to 525g/m². The maximum height is between 60 and 100 cm in indoor conditions.

3.   Speedy Chile

This is a photoperiod strain for home growers that want the fastest results. Speedy Chile is especially ideal for beginners.

The cross between Chile indica and green poison delivers on relaxation and taste, with up to 16% THC levels. It is 70% indica and 30% Sativa. If you want to grow it indoors, the marijuana strain can attain heights of 100 centimetres, and yields were up to 525 grams per metre squared.

Most known autoflowering seeds

While most of the autoflowering seeds are both indica and Sativa, they have been crossed with ruderalis, a type of cannabis plant. The seeds can flower within as little as between 2 and 4 weeks, on their own, without strict light regimes. No doubt they are a favourite of most beginners.

Some of the most popular cannabis strains in this grouping include:

1.   Quick One

The strain has the record as the fastest-growing on the planet. They are usually ready for harvest within eight weeks. The cannabis strain is based on Lowryder, the original auto-flowering plant, and created with a cross between Northern Lights, William’s Wonder, and Ruderalis.

The maximum height of Quick One is between 50 and 60 centimetres, and the yield is around 150 grams per plant.

2.   Royal Gorilla Automatic

With ruderalis, cookies, and gorilla genes, this cannabis strain is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing strains. It is ready for harvest within eight weeks, something that impatient growers find appealing.

Royal Gorilla Automatic has an exceptional THC level of 20%, one of the highest in auto-flowering strains. The plant has a strong and soothing high, and with yields of up to 400g/m².

Indoors, the plant can grow as high as 60 and 120cm. it is 140cm, outdoors. The yield per plant is around 170g.

3.   Royal Critical Automatic

The well-acclaimed strain has won several awards in Spain and is popular among growing circles. Royal critical automatic grows with immense speed and is easy to cultivate. It is popular among beginners and veterans.

The indica-dominant strain has a physical mellow high that is deeply meditative and relaxing. It is an excellent smoke for quiet camping trip evenings under the stars. The THC level is 14% for a subtle and clear-headed high.

Royal critical automatic is the offspring of the robust ruderalis and Critical strain. After germination, the strain produces resinous and tight flowers within eight to nine weeks. It has impressive yields of up to 400 grams per metre squared and can attain heights of between 55 and 65 cm, indoors.

CBD strains

CBD strains are growing in popularity among people that want a therapeutic relief without a massive high. They are most popular among endurance athletes, workout hobbyists, and health foodies.


The fastest-growing strains among them include the following:

1.   Solomatic CBD

The cannabis strain has record levels of CBD content that is approximately 21%. The THC level in the Solomatic CBD is 1%. This high CBD content comes from its parent genes; Asia CBD Auto and Diesel CBD.


The strain produces a relaxing and clear-headed effect that does not affect productivity in any way.


The flowering period is within eight weeks with a fast turnaround. It attains heights of between 90 and 120 centimetres, and yields of up to 475g/m², indoors.

2.   Fast Eddy Automatic

The Offspring of a cross between Ruderalis, Juanita la Lagrimosa, and Cheese, Fast Eddy Automatic is ready for harvesting within eight weeks. Indoors, the CBD strain can grow to heights of around 60 and 100 centimetres.


Fast Eddy Automatic will have impressive yields of approximately 450 grams per metre squared under ideal conditions. The strain has a citrusy and pungent aroma that produces a comfortable and clear buzz under the smoke.


Fast Eddy Automatic has a high CBD content and THC level of approximately 9%.