How to grow cannabis

Don’t be left in the dark with a pack of seeds. This grow guide details 39 chapters of secrets to ensure your maximum success.

Learn the secrets from the experts. Knowledge gained from years of experience covering all aspects of cannabis growing. By following these techniques, you can guarentee sucessful production, with maximum yields.

Check out just some of the main topics covered

  • What to buy
  • How to choose the seeds to suit you and your growing conditions
  • How to have 6 harvests a year by using a constant harvest strategy
  • What you need for indoor growing
  • How to get maximum yield in a limited space
  • 100% germination, every time
  • Optimum conditions for vegetative growth
  • Grow massive buds in the flowering phase
  • The ins and outs of hydroponics
  • A ‘No risk’ growing method explored.
  • Amazing results from using the right foods and nutrients at the right time.
  • How heating and ventilation can make or break your production
  • How to avoid disaster thru pest control
  • How to minimise the downsides of transplanting
  • Discover the sex of your plants early.
  • How to get a second and third harvest off the same plant
  • Maximise your yield through carefull pruning
  • Discover the exact day to harvest and learn how critical this is.
  • How to clone that special plant and so develop your own strain
  • How to store your seeds for future use.

What to Buy?

At first sight, it looks as though it would take an expert to decide which seeds to grow. A lot depend if you want to grow them outside or inside. Growing outside takes the least effort and requires little human intervention, but can be problematic if you have nosey neighbours!

Indoor growing needs at the minimum. lighting equipment. You can get the best yields by growing indoors by careful control of the environment. This may involve hydroponics, lighting, careful nutrient control, CO2 injection into the growroom, oxygenation of the nutrients around the root system, temperature control and so on. Although all of this can be automated, it can be expensive if you are looking for maximum yields.

Also if you intend breeding from seeds produced from your plants, then the F1 hybrids are no use to you.

The true breeding strains and the South African Sativas will produce seeds of the same type.

To decide whether to grow outside, you need to consider the harvest time , and if you are having frosts around at that time.

Skunk -1 is a good choice for the first timer, it will grow like a weed anywhere. Or how about Skunk Haze or its high THC content?. They all have their own features. When looking at the prices, you need to consider the value of the final crop. Some have heavier yields and some have more THC. The flavours differ as well.

Why not try crossing some of your own. Choose two stable strains and roll your own strain. !

How to choose the seeds to suit you and your growing conditions