Cannabis hippy characterThis site is intended to provide useful information about the cannabis movement and also plenty of information about the growing this wonderful herb. However, we do not want to encourage any illegal activity nor is it a suitable site for minors, so if you are under 18, please leave now.

We have a lot of information on the site. You could get lost if you are not careful!. Here are some little gems worth taking a look : 

The knowledge base

the knowledgebase is a users forums where you can discuss and get advice on any cannabis-related topic and a massive directory of relevant links. So bear with me as the odd occasional link may not be completed, as we are working on these mods live.

The shop

We have nearly finished the new site, I am getting excited. We shall have some groundbreaking schemes, up to being able to supply you with your own unique website, on your own domain, with us doing the order fulfillment for you. 

I will even train you on promoting your site for maximum effectiveness. These training courses are now open for applicants. There will be limited availability though.

We are also going to include loyalty cards where you get paid for assisting us and points for every pound you spend here.

New product ranges include a full selection of hydroponics, nutrients, legal highs, gifts, T-shirts, books, video and the biggest range of articles we can accumulate. We shall be focusing a section on the medical benefits.

Community areas

There will be live news feeds, forums, E_cards and more

What would you like to see? more games and competitions, chat rooms, stoner music, famous quotes on MP3’s. paid work? Let me know and if you take you up, I’ll send you a pack of skunk seeds.!