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Purple Wreck
  Urkel is one of California's most sought after strain. It demands the highest pric..
Tora Bora (6) fems per pack
  The Tora Bora is a peaceful meeting of a pure Pakistani and a pure Afghani! This c..
Tora Bora
  Tora Bora Cannabis seeds from the reserva privada seedbank offer some fine genetics. T..
Alien Grenades
Alien Genetics Alien Grenades - (Sweet and Sour Diesel x Tahoe Alien)   11..
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Kosher Kush Regs
  Reserva Privada Kosher Kush Regular Seeds Hightimes Indica Cannabis cup Winner for..
Silver Bubble
Silver Bubble reg Weed Seeds in Reserva Privada by DNA Genetics, a Dutch based seedbank offering ..