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White Russian (11) regs
  Winner of the overall Cannabis Cup in 1996 Winner of the Cup for Best..
Jack Chedder
  Breeder : Karma Genetics Jack Cheddar I have taken the Exodus cheese cut and ..
Bubble n Squeak
  NAME: Bubble n Squeak f2 BREEDER: SOG (f2’d by KOS) GROWING/BREEDING STYLE: ..
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Jamaican Grape
  A sweet Jamaican Sativa that we’ve shortened with our Grapefruit Indica. Sticky ..
Kali Mist
  Arguably the top sativa strain available today. With 90% sativa genetices, Kali Mi..
Apple Jack (5) Fems
The original AppleJack has been a popular strain in some of the hottest coffeeshops in Amsterdam ..
Bubble Gum
  High Times Cannabis Cup 2nd prize 1999 High Times Cannabis Cup 2nd pr..
Cheese Wreck (5) Fems
Imagine the wonderful smell and taste experience of the Cheese, but then combined with the extrem..
  Winner of the 2000 Cannabis Cup in the hash category Winner of the 20..
Gorrilla Berry
Gorrilla Berry  Breeder  : Happy Haloe  Strain Info : Gorrilla Grape X Nor..
White Skunk (5) Fems
100% Female Seeds The White Skunk has a combination of high THC and CBD making the effect's a..
  The A-train is a hybrid between afghani Mazar I Sharif and the clone-only Arcata e..