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MT Grown Kush
MT Grown Kush = OG ix X White   using an exclusive CO Kush clone we beefed her up with ..
Animal Crackers
Animal Crackers = Animal x White   Exclusive cookie cut crossed with the Kromes fam..
Raw Kush
Raw Kush = Suge Pk X White named after our good MI brother who sent this cut out west. ..
Kush Kush
KushKush = ( Suge PK x TK ) X White this Pheno in this cross was found by True Grit. Th..
White Valley OG
White Valley OG = SFV aka San Fernando Valley kush X White  Using a legendary OG kush c..
F1 Kush
F1 Kush = Co Durban X White   The Colorado Durban is perfect. High yields of super..
CBD Kush
CBD Kush = Charlottes Web X WHite our main goal with this cross was to produce a high tricho..
Cob Chem
Cob Chem = Chem 91 X White named after Cob who famously made the white x chem91. I t..
Ultimate Kush
Ultimate kush = Tahoe Bubba X White another combo of heavy elite clone only strains spar ..
White iX
White IX  = OG Kush x White  here at Cannarado genetics we like to get creative. ..
Colorado Kush
Colorado Kush = Flo X White    ..
Montuc Kush
Montuc Kush = Bruce Banner #3 X White Bruce banner #3 is a nice easy to grow plant that prod..