Garden Of Dreams Seeds

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Tahoe Tech
Tahoe Tech    Tahoe OG x Alien = Tahoe Tech  ..
ChemTrails    ChemTrails = Chem D clone x Alien Tech male  ..
Martian Medicine
Martian Medicine   Alien X Harlequin = Martian Medicine  ..
Larry King
Larry King   Larry King = Lemon Larry Og x Alien Tech male    &nbs..
Fallen Angel
Fallen Angel    Alien X White D = Fallen Angel  ..
Dingle Berry
Dingle Berry   Alien X DJ Shorts Blueberry = Dingle Berry  ..
Hypnotiq    Alien X Cherry Pie = Hypnotiq  ..
illegal Aliens
Garden Of Dreams Seeds Are Here     Illegal Aliens = Mexican Hybrid from B..
Star Screamer
Star Sceamer    Dark Star x Alien = Star Screamer  ..
Weasel Diesel Alien
Garden of Dreams seeds   Weasel Diesel Alien = Original Daywrecker Diesel..
Full Face Melt
Full Face Melt    Alien X Afghani Landrace = Full Face Melt   ..
Alien Dawgs BX1
Alien Dawgs BX1  = Chem D x Alien  I hit all 3 of my AlienDawg Keeper phenos back ..