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• payday_loans 2014-09-20 06:38:20

great service an genetics to choose from . .love cc

• just me 2014-08-01 06:57:41

Dj is just a busy mofo. He AlWays comes through in orders.

•  2014-07-20 04:33:33

... my order got here. A lot of freebies were included. This website provides excellent service. I was nervous when I first used this site because they didn't send a tracking number; but if you look at other sites, they are now saying that tracking isn't a good idea. Disregard my last review. I didn't even give the owner enough time to respond before I wrote that. These guys are legit.

• Ahab 2014-07-07 22:59:13

went slow at first but wow they showed up in 9 days was nervouse with out a tracking number but awesome service. cant wait for the loompas to drop im a customer for life.

• outfall3 2014-06-23 01:33:27

Gorilla Grower Seeds

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Dole A Might F2
Dole a Might f2 Breeder : Gorrilla Grower  Strain Info : PineappleTrainwreck x Chem ..
Hott Dam
Hottdam  = (OGR's WhiteFire) x Dole a Might    Breeder : Gorrilla Grower&n..